ANTISTATIC [ESD] SAFE Unisex Lab Coat / Apron / Jackets

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Condition : No
Condition : No
  • Very comfortable to wear & light weight: These apron coat are specially designed for ESD Works & Very Comfortable to wear for Long Hours.
  • 100% Static Dissipative : As these coat are made up of Polyester , so these are 100 % Safe for ESD works & also Resistive to Static Charge.
  • Surface resistance: 106?~1011? : ESD Aprons are Safe & have the resistance against charge.
  • Best for ESD area, assembly lab, scientific lab : These Apron are highly suitable for Assembly work like SMD, Robotics or any type of semiconductor based Work.
  • ESD Aprons are specially designed for all type of ESD Saftey Uses.

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Condition : No
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